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Jerboa II was puchased from Pat Dyas by John Powe of Torquay and she was renamed Hummingbird after leaving the Jerboa 'family home'. The current owner since 1994 has sailed her out of Dartmouth and in 2004 sent her to Joseph Irving on Humberside, England, for professional refurbishment. Joseph Irving had already built a traditional wooden Dragon (Merithe GBR 701) and is recognised as a registered/licensed Dragon builder. The refurbishment of Hummingbird has been carried out strictly within the rules of the BDA and IDA and therefore conforms fully with class rules.

The hull, keel, internal structure and cuddy remain unchanged although all of the woodwork has been worked to bring out the rich patina of the original mahogany, oak and teak. The deck is new teak. Bulkheads were built in to stiffen her shape when racing and the compartments are connected to electric/manual pumps.

Opportunity was taken to bring the racing rig up to modern standards so that the new system is winchless and has the configuration of a contemporary Petticrows Dragon. All the Harken and Petticrows fittings are new and were supplied by Petticrows.The mast has been serviced and the rigging has been renewed and inspected by Petticrows of Burnham-on-Crouch.

The end result is a classic varnished wooden Dragon equipped with the fittings readily recognised in a newly built Dragon. She has been prepared for dry sailing and campaigning using a new 2 box Harbeck trailer.

Hummingbird comes with all the attention such a refurbishment demands. The woodwork is in pristine condition. The fittings are new as are the boom and spinnaker pole. The spinnaker hatch is centrally placed. All the tapered sheets, halyards and mooring ropes are new. Other new items such as the Barron kicker, the electric pumps, Tacktick compass, mast stepping tripod, full travelling cover and cuddy cover are included.

To summarise-     

  • 1967 Pedersen and Thuesen classic Dragon
  • Edinburgh Cup winner 1968 (as Jerboa II with Pat Dyas)
  • Refurbished professionally by Joseph Irving within class rules
  • Varnished mahogany hull on oak beams
  • Teak deck in perfect condition
  • New Harken and Petticrows fittings
  • New Petticrows rigging, boom and spinnaker pole
  • Modern winchless cockpit configuration
  • Bulkheads
  • New electric / manual pump system, Barron kicker and Tacktick compass
  • New mast stepping tripod
  • New full travelling cover
  • New cuddy cover
  • New Harbeck 2 box trailer
  • New tapered sheets and halyards
  • Prepared for dry sailing and campaigning

Hummingbird has been re-launched and test sailed at Burnham-on-Crouch. The next page shows photographs taken at the time. Contact details are available on this website.


QUESTIONS YOU MAY ASK......................and the answers

1.   WHY ARE YOU SELLING HUMMINGBIRD?- The Dragon fleet locally has reduced substantially and now there is no competition. The owner/crew are not able to campaign her nationally or abroad which she deserves.

2.   WHAT DETERMINED THE SELLING PRICE OF £89950 (GBP sterling) ?-  This is made up of the modest original value of Hummingbird and the hundreds of hours of professional time to refurbish her. All the fittings and extras are new and the price includes the new Harbeck trailer. The final total is a summation of these items at cost. Another Pedersen and Thuesen of the 'magic five' attracted a similar but higher figure.  

3.   DRY SAILING ?- Not entirely necessary since she was kept on a swinging mooring for many seasons without any problems. The ease of campaigning with the Harbeck trailer and the potential for competing nationally and internationally in Classics races indicated this might be the preferred option for her next owner. 

4.   HAVE YOU SAILED HER SINCE THE REFURBISHMENT ?-  Yes, she was launched in June 2009 at Burnham-on-Crouch and performed perfectly and trouble free. Sailed and admired by experienced Dragon enthusiasts. Photographs of relaunch attached

5.   ANY COMMENTS ON THE SAILS ?- The Petticrows sails are not new but are perfectly adequate. Sails are a personal choice and it was felt the new owner might prefer to chose their own to suit their requirements.

6.   WHERE CAN I INSPECT HER ?-  She is kept at Burnham-on-Crouch in England. The owner will give details should any serious prospective owner wish to view her. Contact details appear on a subsequent page.




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